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Dongguan Kingsun Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. (A Branch Factory). is specialized in Outdoor Gas BBQ, Charcoal BBQ and Smoker product manufacturing. Kingsun products are exported to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and many European countries. Over the years, Kingsun has achieved a major role within the BBQ manufacturing industry.

Kingsun BBQ facility is located in Hengli Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province of China. Kingsun BBQ facility has a total production area of more than 43,000 sq. meters. Kingsun is
ISO 9001 qualified. We have a professional R&D team of 30 experienced engineers on aesthetic, mechanical and structural design. Kingsun also has in-house prototype and tooling workshops which enhance Kingsun’s capability for all new product development challenges.

Kingsun’s year-round productions engage 600 skillful workers that benefits consistent product manufacturing and shipment.

Besides, fully chained and equipped production facilities: from steel tube extrusion to metal work fabrication; from powder coating to product graphics printing; from product assembling to final packaging; from gas component manufacturing to complete products; from product development to pre-certification & pre-production testing; Kingsun does them all for customers.

Kingsun is very pleased to work with worldwide customers. We look forward to providing satisfactory manufacturing services and technical supports to you. We believe Kingsun would be a good partner for you to grow the business.

  • 1993

  • 4.3W

  • 2000


  • 300




  • 1994

    KINGSUN  establish

  • 1998

    The Group has seven business divisions with a workshop area of more than 300000 square meters

  • 2002

    Start to dabble in BBQ business

  • 2008
  • 2023
  • 1994
  • 1998
  • 2002
  • 2008
  • 2023


KINGSUN is committed to providing more excellent products, more favorable product prices, wholeheartedly for customer service. To achieve the win-win situation of customers, companies and employees, to achieve common survival and common prosperity with customers, seek common development, and jointly build a brilliant tomorrow!

  • Production Strength

    Serving thousands of households

    Qinshang was founded in 1993, with its headquarters located in Changping, Dongguan, Guangdong. The group has five business divisions, with a workshop area of more than 300000 square meters. With over 2000 employees, it has gathered over 100 outstanding and professional research and development engineers, over 200 professional production and technical personnel of various types, and over 200 quality management personnel.

  • Production Intelligence

    Barbecue rack manufacturer

    We continue to introduce advanced laser processing equipment, automated production lines, intelligent robots and other precision equipment. We have over 800 outstanding employees and strong R&D resources, and have established a professional operation management system that includes excellent design and development, safety brand control, certification testing, and after-sales service.

  • Product Certification

    National high-tech enterprise

    It has a nationally recognized laboratory (CNAS) and a postdoctoral research workstation

    Obtained 175 national authorized patents, including 58 invention patents

    The product has passed authoritative certifications such as UL in the United States and CEROHS in Europe