How to add carbon to a barbecue furnace? Correct carbon addition method during use


Nowadays, barbecue is becoming more and more popular and has become a food that everyone can often see. Charcoal barbecue stoves need to be provided with carbon as an energy source. When using barbecue stoves, we need to add carbon to ignite, and there are also many matters that need to be noted when adding carbon. You may not have a good understanding of them, so what should be paid attention to when adding carbon to barbecue stoves. Let's talk about how to add carbon correctly during the use of the barbecue stove.

1、 When the grill is just starting to roast meat, it is possible to open the damper. Turning on the blower allows the blower to function as both a smoker and a charcoal fire. When the meat is about to be roasted, due to the high temperature of the grill, the damper should be turned off. When the blower is not turned off, the stove only smokes and does not blow.

2、 Do not apply oil to the baking tray, as it will produce a lot of oil smoke.

3、 Do not put too much charcoal in the charcoal basin. The charcoal must be burned red before serving.

Generally, when adding carbon to a barbecue furnace, it is necessary to regularly conduct the treatment and use, and pay attention to selecting qualified carbon during the later use process. This can also reduce the production of smoke here. Adding carbon correctly not only allows for smoother use of the barbecue stove, but also for the sake of your own safety, eliminating fires from the root cause, and avoiding dangerous events.