In order for everyone to eat barbecue with a complete range of colors, flavors, and flavors, this article introduces some tips for grilling meat!


Barbecue seems simple, but it still has a lot of knowledge. In order to enable everyone to eat barbecue with a complete range of colors, flavors, and flavors, I would like to introduce some techniques for using a barbecue oven to roast meat.

1. If you are ready for a homemade barbecue, first choose a barbecue stove. When choosing a barbecue oven, be sure not to try to be cheap. Some inferior barbecue ovens are particularly slow to roast. After burning, it can produce a lot of smoke to pollute food. Good barbecue ovens are made of pure stainless steel and have excellent quality. As it is important to eat barbecue with the outside burnt and inside tender, choosing a good barbecue stove is the foundation for enjoying delicious food.

There are many types of food that can be barbecued, and the choice of materials is also very good.

Pork: It must be boiled until it is cooked before it can be eaten. Choose a new pork with some fat on the ribs, waist, and buttocks, so that the roasted meat won't be too dry.
Beef: You can choose beef ribs, fresh and tender, and tough. Beef shoulder is very suitable for roasting tender meat. Whether it's American beef or Australian beef, it's not suitable to roast food until it's fully cooked, which can damage the freshness of the meat.

Chicken: Any part is a good material for barbecue. If you soak the meat in lemon water before the barbecue, and some starch, it can make the meat more fresh and tender.

Seafood: Everything is normal, but be sure to choose fresh ones. Fresh seafood is delicious, juicy, dense, and rich in flexibility. The curing time from the seafood in the refrigerator before grilling should not exceed 30 minutes. The volume of grilled squid, coated with a thin layer of egg yolk, will have a more beautiful color and taste.

Vegetables, fruits, rhizomes, mushrooms, less juice, harder vegetables and fruits, such as corn, green peppers, pineapples, bananas, etc.

On the food grill, anxious people always worry about burning and keep turning over. In fact, this helps extend the baking time, which actually extends the baking time and also destroys protein, causing the meat to harden. When flipping food, the food must be heated to a certain degree before it can be easily flipped. If part of the food sticks to the baking tray after flipping, it indicates that the protein has not yet been fully heated. Hard pulling will only tear the protein fibers, and if it is fish, peeling will occur.

4. The longer the food is baked, the greater the loss of moisture and oil, and the more dry and astringent the taste. Therefore, during the barbecue process, you should brush some barbecue sauce on the food in an appropriate amount to maintain its moisture and increase its flavor. However, be careful not to brush too much, which may cause the food to become too salty.